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You already trust JC Refrigeration in Los Angeles for all of your Sub-Zero maintenance and repairs. But did you know you can also leave all of your necessary HVAC services to our professionals as well? As industry leaders with a focus on equipment and appliances related to temperature regulation, HVAC services, repairs, and installation come naturally to us!

Take a look at our list of HVAC services and see if there are any that your home needs:

  • AC services:
    • AC installations: Get a brand-new air conditioning unit installed on your property, replacing any old systems that are not working efficiently anymore due to their age or damages.
    • AC repairs and maintenance: If your air conditioning unit is acting up, a quick repair service from JC Refrigeration in Los Angeles might be all it needs! We can conduct thorough repairs and maintenance that helps avoid breaks in the first place.
  • Air quality services:
    • Air balancing: Your HVAC system might be distributing temperature-controlled air unevenly throughout your home, causing general discomfort in each room. Our air balancing service tests your HVAC system for this problem and makes adjustments as needed.
    • Air filtration: Stop breathing in stuffy air contaminated with dust, pollen, and other airborne irritants! Call (877) 959-4240 and arrange an air filtration service with our professionals. The right filters and HVAC tune-ups can clear the air you breathe.
    • Air purification: Another great way to improve your indoor air quality is with an air purification system. There are options that can purify single rooms and others that integrate with HVAC systems to purify your entire home.
    • CO and smoke detectors: Enhance the safety of your home by letting our team install carbon monoxide and smoke detectors at key locations. We can also test your current detectors to ensure they are in working order.
  • General HVAC services:
    • HVAC installation: We can install full HVAC systems, too, not just AC units. Let us know if you need a new and improved system for your property.
    • HVAC repair: Broken HVAC systems are no match for our industry professionals, who have nearly 30 years working on temperature-control appliances and similar equipment.
    • HVAC maintenance: With regular maintenance, you can help keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape, reducing the chances of a serious break occurring later on.
    • HVAC inspections: Not sure if your HVAC system is working efficiently for your home or your family’s needs? You can arrange for a full HVAC inspection that lets us spot any potential issues or areas of improvement.
    • Thermostats: Your thermostat can cause widespread HVAC system problems if it breaks or glitches. Luckily, our team is familiar with a wide variety of thermostat makes and models, allowing us to fix or replace them in a pinch.
  • Duct services:
    • Duct installation: New ductwork in your home or business might be exactly what you need to improve your indoor comfort. We will work closely with you to get new ducts installed on your calendar, minimizing the disruption you experience in the process.
    • Duct repair and service: Damaged air ducts are guaranteed to lessen your HVAC system’s efficiency. Using the latest industry tools, our highly-trained professionals can repair and service any duct.
  • Ductless mini split systems:
    • Ductless mini split installs: You can immediately improve the comfort levels of a single room by installing a ductless mini split AC system in it. People love ductless mini splits because they allow for precise temperature control of a single room, which is preferred among households with multiple people, all with their own temperature preferences.
    • Ductless mini split repairs and service: Do you already have a ductless mini split system, but it is acting up? Our technicians can be over in a hurry to inspect and repair it.
  • Emergency services:
    • Emergency AC service: If your air conditioner breaks down during a heatwave or a balmy summer day, you could be in real trouble. Call (877) 959-4240 right away to arrange for emergency AC repair service in Los Angeles.
    • Emergency heating service: There are times when a broken heating system also warrants emergency, same-day service. Do not hesitate to get us on the job right away if your heating repairs simply cannot wait until the next business day.
  • Furnace services:
    • Furnace installation: We can install a new furnace in your property to give you better heating options than you might have imagined. Furnaces burn natural gas to heat air, which is transferred throughout your home using air ducts.
    • Furnace repair: Sometimes the blower motor, ignition source, or other components of a furnace break down from regular wear and tear. We have the tools, training, and industry experience needed to spot breaks and fix them fast.
  • Heating services:
    • Heat pumps: Another heating system that is popular around Los Angeles is the heat pump. Using the ambient warmth from the outside air, which is in no short supply in SoCal, a heat pump pulls warm air in and pushes cold air out through an exchanging process. We can repair, install, or maintain heat pumps.
    • Gas heating: Our staff at JC Refrigeration has been carefully trained to work on gas heating systems that integrate a gas line to provide warmth to your property. We offer repairs, tune-ups, and installations for gas heating systems.
    • Electrical heating: We can also service heating systems that depend on electricity to generate warmth. Our industry knowledge lets us repair, install, and tune-up electrical heating systems.

Want to know more about our HVAC services in Los Angeles? Call (877) 959-4240 or contact us online to discuss our services and to place one on your schedule.

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